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25570672Stay With Me

A Pleasure Grove Novel (Volume 2)

by Isabel Winsor

An Uninvited Guest

She was supposed to deliver the documents to her boss and then go home… But Regina walks in on a sinfully handsome man – naked and chained – and she finds herself sharing one brazen, deliciously forbidden encounter with him. After she walks away, she expects to go back to her normal life – job, dating and friends.

An Irresistible Stranger

Speer never thought he’d rebuild his crumbling life with a woman haunting his body, his mind and his heart. He needs more of her even though it will lead to heartbreak. Speer is damaged goods and yet, Regina sees in him something worth redeeming; something worth loving. Her love terrifies him, even as it awakens in him the possibility there’s something worth staying for…

Some of you may remember Winsor’s Pleasure Grove series from Unleashed Under the Mistletoe. If you haven’t don’t worry about it, this one can stand on its own pretty well – but you do have to be ready for some seriously steamy reading. Don’t get me wrong, in no way does Winsor scrimp on the emotions (I found myself crying at the end), but she also in no way scrimps on the steam!

Speer is dealing with a whole bunch of issues stemming from the death of his brother. He’s run away for a couple of years but now he’s out of options and he’s come home. Shortly afterward he meets Regina and she starts to help him come alive again. It’s a bumpy ride – one that Regina has to have the patience and understanding of a saint to handle. But she’s had some trouble spots of her own and learned a lot because of it so she’s able to use that wisdom with Speer.

There are a couple of things that I really appreciate about the way that Winsor handles this story. Even though Speer wants to run from his troubles again, he stands firm and faces it with Regina, but he also understands that it is going to require professional help to truly get over everything that has happened. It’s refreshing in a genre where all too often you get a “love conquers all” kind of ending.

With complicated and troubled characters, an emotional storyline, and enough sizzle to get you hot under the collar, Winsor’s newest is an erotic, and yet heartwarming, treat. I can’t wait to see what she gives us next … Speer’s friend Boyd is in desperate need of a HEA.