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Blissful Kisses

Bliss Harbor series

by Juliet Spenser

USA Today bestselling author Juliet Spenser brings you more contemporary romance set in the small town of Bliss Harbor, where love and laughter are just around the corner…

Enjoy three romantic romps in this collection of Bliss Harbor shorts:

In KISS ME AGAIN, a high school teacher writes naughty love stories just for fun, and she’ll do anything to get her secret stories back when her notebook falls into the hands of the sexy, fun-loving guy who loves to tease her.

In WARM WINTER KISSES, a bed and breakfast manager is determined to avoid her feelings for her best friend, a hunky detective, but there’s no avoiding the heat between them when a blizzard strands them alone together.

In THEN WE KISSED, a curvy, no-nonsense baker wakes up with regrets over a night with the sexy soldier who stole her heart, but a mix-up sends her straight back into his arms.

I’ve never read any of Spenser’s Bliss Harbor books, but I really liked these three little novellas.  I don’t think that it would be that big a deal if you started here too, because I didn’t really have any problems keeping up.  I do think there were a few references that I missed out on but nothing too big. 

The characters in all three shorts were very detailed for such a short number of pages.  You quickly get a feel for each of them and what motivates them.  In each, Spenser pretty much focused on just those characters, which makes sense given the small time to make a story with a punch, but that gives her plenty of opportunity to fully embrace those people. 

There is a theme running between them – one of feelings unspoken and avoided – and it’s interesting to see how each of these stories has a different take on it.  Spenser makes sure that each couple makes it their own and she does it quite well.  We are given the story exclusively from the heroine’s point of view, and even though I usually like to get both perspectives, it makes sense given the idea that the guy’s feelings are unknown to her.  We get the reveal as she does, which is very satisfying. 

If you are looking for a fast read, perfect for when you just have a little time to yourself, Blissful Kisses is an absolutely perfect choice.  With engaging characters and appealing plots, these three shorts are sure to please.  And now I’m totally going to have to check out everything else I can find about the lovely people in Bliss Harbor.