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cover60811-mediumA Love Like Ours

Porter Family series

by Wade, Becky

Scarred from his military days, cowboy Jake Porter is content being alone…until his old friend Lyndie starts tearing down the walls he’s built.

This is a Christian Romance so God & faith play a huge part in the story. Sometimes these books only have a special innocence and a hint of religion but here it is a center point of the story – Lyndie’s belief in a good God and Jake’s turning away from his.

I love the idea of these two having a connection even though they haven’t seen each other in decades. There are people who are that special and make such an impact on you that they live in your heart forever and that’s Jake & Lyndie. But a lot has happened to him since then and it has left scars both inside and out.

Jake is dealing with a lot of survivor’s guilt and PTSD from his time as a Marine. It’s led him to a dark and troubled place. He’s still a good man – one who cares for his family and takes his obligations seriously – but he feels unworthy and that’s led him to distance himself from others. Then Lyndie comes back into his life.

Her life with a disabled sister has taught her a lot about love, grace and faith. Her patience and understanding, plus her belief in a good God, gives her the ability to see into Jake and hope to be able to help him. She knows that God is what he needs but he needs to find his faith again. He just has to find it within himself to want to make that connection again.

It’s a lovely journey for both of them – one that has extreme lows to go with the highs but beautiful nonetheless.

(This story is part of the Porter Family novels but can be read as a stand alone.)