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cover63291-mediumTempting the One

Meadowview Heat series

Rochelle French

Country-girl Chessie Gibson’s always been a giver. Billionaire Theo Courant’s always been a player. Since childhood, the two have irritated the heck out of each other. Only when Theo breaks both wrists and ankles in a snowboarding accident, Chessie’s asked to care for her family friend. But being stuck with egotistical Theo in her Meadowview farmhouse is most definitely not her idea of fun.

Theo sees Chessie as part pin-up girl, part hippie-chick—nothing like the models and social climbers he’s used to dating. She’s gorgeous and luscious, but he’s never made a move on his best friend’s younger sister. The two of them are opposite in almost every way imaginable. But wow—is she ever hot!

But when Theo and Chessie end up stuck together for weeks, they come to know each other in ways neither thought possible. Seeing a different side of Theo—he’s not exactly the frivolous playboy he seems—Chessie finds herself unable to resist the temptation to try a “friends with benefits” situation. But their differences continue to come between them…and if Theo doesn’t learn love is something that cannot be bought, the chance of a lifetime could pass them both by.

Guess what, y’all? Yep, once again I’m picking up a series after it started. Surprised? Of course not. But the good thing is that this time it didn’t really matter. There were some mention of previous plot-points and the couples from the other books made the occasional appearance (because they are all related in some way – but that’s small town life for ya) but none of it really impacted this story. The author did overdo some of the references to how they related to one another but I did have an Advanced Copy so I’m not sure if all of them made it in the final cut … but it’s easy enough to overlook.

Chessie is one of those hippie-dippie Earth-lovin’ girls – she’s got her own, very unique, style and is big on being green. Usually I find that authors try a little too hard to get these free spirits on the page and they end up not appealing to me at all, but French does a fantastic job and I absolutely adored Chessie. She’s got a wonderfully positive attitude and a big heart … and a love-hate relationship with Theo.

To her, he is just too shallow, too rich, too good-looking … just too too. But when they are forced to live together for a few weeks while Theo recovers from his accident, Chessie starts to see the good guy underneath. She finds that his heart is just as big as hers and he works very hard to help those who need it … he just hides it behind that pretty boy façade. Which makes him very hard to resist.

Buuuut, Chessie has some baggage when it comes to rich men and it makes it very hard to trust Theo. Plus, even though he has a big heart, he does have a different attitude toward money than she does, which adds to their conflict. I totally understand where both of them are coming from (well done Rochelle French) and I was right there with them as they struggled to find a way to make things work.

Some might have a little trouble with how they got to the point of being “friends with benefits” but these two definitely had a unique relationship before Theo’s accident so it does work. And while there are a few steamy scenes between them, the majority of the book is about them getting a chance to see beneath the surface of the other, falling in love, and deciding whether they can risk their hearts.