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Ncover55236-mediumew Year’s Resolution:  Romance!

Say Yes\No More Bad Girls\Just a Fling

Christie Ridgway, Leslie Kelly, Tanya Michaels

Midnight, January 1: time for a big change. Time to make a New Year’s resolution to find romance or else!

Say Yes by Christie Ridgway

Cautious florist Ashley Walker is excited to embark on her “Year of Yes” no matter what happens. But accepting a surprise job offer leads to an awkward discovery: she’s hot for her millionaire boss, Chase Bradley!

No More Bad Girls by Leslie Kelly

Scorched by a string of nightmare ex-girlfriends, Lex Rollins resolves to date only nice women then is lured by siren Lia before midnight! But Lia is really Amelia, a good girl playing naughty for a night. Can a blind date as their real selves uncover their true desires?

Just a Fling by Tanya Michaels

Shy, insecure Erin Cross makes two bold resolutions: (A) get on a plane, and (B) have a fling. In pursuit of Option A, she’s mistaken for a key witness in a mob trial and whisked away by a sexy FBI agent! Which just leaves Option B

All three of these talented ladies are staples in the Harlequin world – with extensive booklists and expressive writing styles, they are some of the best at what they do.  And this New Year’s Resolution anthology just highlights why they are so loved. Each has her niche but they will all capture your attention and take you on an adventure.

Ridgway is a delight at penning contemporary romances with both humor and heart.  Her characters are detailed and complicated, with realistic troubles and foibles.  Ashley has been hiding from life but she’s decided it is time to start living again.  Unfortunately she isn’t prepared for the affect that Chase has on her.  Chase is a good man, kind and caring.  It’s easy to see why he attracts Ashley but is she willing to take a chance on him?  Even novella in length, Say Yes is a complete and emotional story.

Like Ridgway, Kelly writes delightfully addictive stories, with complex characters and fun storylines.  Both Lex and Amelia are fun and their cute-meet is absolutely adorable – I love the back-and-forth of the mistaken identity plot.  Kelly writes an amusing and likeable couple that you root for from page 1. 

Michaels writes some of the most fun action adventure romances that I’ve read, complete with danger and characters with great chemistry.  Even though she doesn’t have a lot of pages, with Just a Fling she still manages to deliver great suspense and a believable love story.  Erin and Foster are just too much fun together.