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cover59037-mediumCarina Chapman wants a vacation. Somewhere hot. Somewhere decadent. Somewhere far, far away from her complicated life in New York. Somewhere in Australia appears to be the answer, until Carina discovers her PA has booked her into the wrong resort.

Cowboy Jake Richardson can cook a mean camp-oven roast, track wild horses, breed cattle and knows Australia’s rugged High Country like no other, but he needs to diversify if he wants to keep his land. Tourism seems like the answer, but his housekeeper just quit, the rooms aren’t ready and he doesn’t know a short black from a cappuccino.

Then his first guest arrives.

City slick Carina is smart, classy and disgruntled that her dreamy five-star retreat has been replaced by a rustic homestead beside the Barcoo Creek. Jake has seven days to convince Carina he can deliver all the items on her vacation checklist – including the five-step method to an everlasting relationship…

With him.

The Cowboy was novella length but still managed to fit in a lot of fun and emotion into a smaller book.  It wasn’t an overly deep story but it was entertaining and sweet, just what I wanted in a short contemporary romance.  Some might complain about the Aussie stereotypes or clichéd language, but I found it cute. 

Osborn did such a fantastic job describing Barcoo Creek and the Australian wilderness, I felt like I was along for the adventure with Carina – I’m ready to vacation at the resort and experience all of the beauty for myself.  Jake and Carina were fun together, throwing off sparks and laughter at the city slicker’s expense.  I did like that Carina decided to go with the flow, although her decision at the end was a little abrupt – but with a novella like this you want your happy ending and you only have so many pages to get there 🙂

For an amusing read, where you feel like you’re on vacation down under and maybe even falling in love a little with a rugged Aussie, give The Cowboy a shot.  With its shorter length and beautiful descriptions, highlighted by comedic fish-out-of-water moments and an endearing opposites-attract storyline, it is sure to please.