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9781505283389_p0_v1_s260x420Officer in Pursuit (Lock and Key Book 3)

Ranae Rose

Secrets are what Kerry has lived and breathed for the past three years, and those secrets may kill her, if she’s not careful. Her new life in a coastal North Carolina paradise is haunted by her past and ruled by her number one goal: to not be noticed. Even if that means denying her attraction to Officer Grey Morgan, who’s set his sights on her beyond any doubts and despite all odds.

Grey has spent his summer in pursuit of Kerry, but what he doesn’t know is that nothing with her is as it seems and loving her comes with a price.

What she doesn’t know is that there’s no risk he won’t take, and no way he’ll let her fight her demons alone.

If you have read either of my other reviews in this series (Officer Next Door and Officer Out of Uniform) you know that I love Rose’s books.  They have that perfect amount of danger and heat, but she doesn’t skimp on the heart. 

We’ve seen both Kerry and Grey in the previous stories and we’ve watched as they’ve danced around their attraction to each.  But with Officer in Pursuit we finally get a chance to find out why Kerry has been resisting the oh-so-sexy officer.  I love how Grey is willing to put himself out there again and again, knowing that Kerry is worth it and waiting for her to give him a chance.  He’s confident, caring and funny – absolutely perfect for falling in love with. But Kerry has her secrets and they are doozies.  When they finally come to light, they bring with them a threat that she can only face if she’s willing to let Grey and her friends in.  I can see why she thinks that she has to hold so much inside but the support she receives once everything is revealed is just what she needs.

Full of humor and adventure and sexiness galore, Rose once again delivers a winner.  And I can’t wait until we get the next book to see what she brings our favorite police officer, Jeremy.