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cover53497-mediumBig and bold, strong and sexy, the firefighters of the Lanville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department know how to turn up the heat. . .


Sparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more. . .


Paige wonders about Cort’s past but she can’t ignore the heat she feels inside every time he touches her. And things only get hotter when this sexy firefighter takes her to the heights of extreme carnal pleasure. . .


For years Kirk has kept a secret that not even his twin knows. But the arrival in town of a sexy newcomer turns up the heat and keeps the flames of passion burning all night long. . .

(This is the second book in The Firefighters of Lanville TX series – Please note: This book is an anthology and features three novellas, one of which is an M/M romance.)

A follow-up to LaFleur’s Smokin’ Hot anthology, Flaming Hot is just as sexy  …  and I do mean SEXY.  This is a very, very sizzling read but it also has a good amount of heart to go along with it.  And once again, Lafleur does a good job of keeping her stories short but complete.  The characters are detailed and engaging, their issues are fleshed out and believable, and the sex hot, hot, hot.

Now I will restate the previous note – there is a M/M romance and it is just as steamy as the others, so remember that if it isn’t your thing.  Since the stories do stand alone you can enjoy the others and be fine, but I found that romance just as sweet as the others so I would highly recommend reading the whole book.

Flaming Hot is the perfect steamy break for a busy day.  The stories stand alone but carry over between each other because they are part of the same volunteer fire department.  It’s nice to see characters and catch up but they don’t directly impact each other so the stories can be read in any order you want.