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cover43841-mediumYou think you’ve got troubles?

As a spy for the Crown, Lord Harry Rosse faced clever and dangerous adversaries—but it’s his five offspring who seem likely to send him to Bedlam. At his wits’ end, he’s advertised for a wife and found one, but perhaps he should have been a bit more forthcoming on certain points…

Wait till you meet Harry and Plum…

Frederica Pelham, affectionately known as Plum, spent years avoiding the scandals of her past, and is desperate for quiet security and a chance to make a family. What she finds is a titled husband and five little devils who seem bent on their own destruction, not to mention hers. And while all kinds of secrets are catching up with them, Plum knows the real trouble with Harry… is that he’s stolen her heart.

Like Noble Intentions, I actually have read The Trouble With Harry before and liked it enough to read it again.  Harry and Plum’s life is full of just as much zaniness and humor … but mostly importantly as much heart.

The first part of the book is spent getting to know Harry and Plum and then having them settle into life together.  There are a quite a few moments where a little more open communications would help a lot, but it isn’t one of those times where I just want to hit my head on the table because they are being so clueless.  Here, MacAlister does a great job of giving them reasons for the assumptions they make but as someone looking in you can see where they are going so wrong.  It fits well into the story though.  Then about half-way through a bit of a mystery starts to play a more important role, which adds that perfect balance of intrigue to an already delightful romance.

You definitely have to be in the mood for silliness because MacAlister tells a delightfully wacky tale but if that’s your thing, you are in for a treat.  Full of witty and fun dialogue, absurd and humorous situations, and a lot of heartwarming moments, mixed in with some suspense to keep you on your toes, The Trouble With Harry is a can’t miss.