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We took a look at this book already here and I’m SO happy to tell you what I think about it 🙂

Christmas with the Billionaire (2014)This sizzling, feel-good holiday novella introduces USA Today bestselling author Susan Stephens’ all-new Black-Heart series.

Fabulously wealthy entrepreneur Jason Kent hates Christmas.

What Jason wants, Jason gets—which means solitude over the holidays to give him chance plot his next mega-value business deal.

Content in his luxurious penthouse apartment Jason is not prepared for the arrival of the whirlwind of change and challenge that is Ms Kate Black.

Enter Kate—no-nonsense sheep farmer’s daughter from the North of England.

House-sitting for a member of the British aristocracy over the holidays, Kate refuses to sit back and do nothing when she learns that people in her block are going to be on their own over Christmas. Aided by the scruffy little yappy dog she has also taken on, Kate makes it her mission to bring everyone in her snooty building together.

Working flat out to throw the party of the year, Kate meets an unexpected obstacle in the form of a man who turns her sturdy bones to jelly. With her no nonsense attitude to sex, Kate soon finds that she is a lot more deeply involved than she had intended to become with a man whose appetite for life might match her own, but who travels on a very different track.

Christmas with the Billionaire is a quick read, fun and sweet, and full of holiday cheer.  Novella in length it is a good set up to the new world that Stephens in creating.  Mostly we spend time with just Jason and Kate but it does give a glimpse at possible future characters. 

Watching Jason and Kate create sparks off each other is oh-so-entertaining.  Seeming very different on the outside, as we get to know them we see that not only do they complement each other well but they also have much more in common than it seems.  Both are hard-working, caring and dedicated.  Jason feels a need to hide his heart whereas Kate shows things a whole lot more.  As they fall for each other they take readers along for a very enjoyable ride.    My only complaint might be that we weren’t given enough of Jason’s history, so that his falling for Kate would be a little more magical.  BUT I must say that I did so very much love the falling for part. 

Christmas with the Billionaire is a sugar-coated, full-of-sprinkles treat.