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Keep the Romantic Fire Burning by Leigh Carron

As a romance enthusiast, I love all things sensual, sexy and romantic. That’s why I chose to write romance over any other genre. For the anticipation…the excitement…the smoking hot passion. The things we associate with falling in love.

But what about when the rollercoaster of emotions and intensity in a relationship give way to ease and comfort? To me, that’s the best part. A slowing down, a steadiness, a rightness in your world. The trick is not to get staid. Rather to enjoy the calmer ride and still keep the romance on track, through years of dating, marriage and even children. Not always easy. Though so worth the effort.

Thought I’d share six of my favorite romantic things that have worked for my husband and me.

A touch a day, keeps the humdrum away

Don’t underestimate the impact of a spontaneous hug, touch on the arm, holding hands on a walk, curling up during a movie, or the simplicity of a soft peck on the lips. Try not to let a day go by without some form of physical connection. It reminds you of how much you mean to each other.

Stack up the self-esteem

Feeling good about yourselves allows you to feel better about each other and your relationship. Acknowledging how special you are and how much you have to offer helps. Much like the character in my novel, Fat Girl, I have battled negative body image most of my life. My husband gets that. And what we found works for us is to build each other’s confidence through mutual praise and compliments.

The way to a man’s heart…

Is probably a strip tease, and I advocate that for those confident enough to do it. But since I’m not there yet, we indulge our desire to cook. Choose a favorite meal and either prepare it together—that can be very sensual when peppered with feeding each other tastes and sexy kisses—or cook for one another; setting the mood with candles, flowers and love songs.

In this day of instant messaging, text your partner a spontaneous “I love you.” Or build the excitement with a sex-text: “Can’t wait to get you naked tonight.” It breaks up the monotony of the day and lets the other person know you’re thinking about them in loving and desirous ways.

Talk isn’t Cheap

Carve out time to share your days; the good, the bad and the ugly. When I’m bothered, what I mostly need is just for him to listen. While he wants his problem solved. We require different things and that’s okay. Connecting, understanding, knowing the other person is there is what matters. And is a great builder of trust and intimacy.

Make bedtime sexy

Sure, I wear flannel PJs to bed many nights; they’re comfy. But I’ll sometimes surprise him by spicing it up with black lacy underwear beneath. Even something as simple as lighting a candle or offering up a massage can turn sleep time into sexy play time.

These are merely a handful of ideas. Please feel free to add to the list by sharing ways to keep romance burning. Connect with me at https://www.facebook.com/leighcarronebooks or @LeighCarron.


lc-fg-cover-front-largeFat Girl

by Leigh Carron

Genre: Romance (Contemporary, Steamy, Adult Content)


Years after fleeing small-town Springvale, Illinois, Deanna Chase has picked up the pieces of her shattered heart and built a new life for herself as a child advocacy lawyer. Her food addiction is quasi under control, her secrets are buried, and she has even made a tenuous peace with her plus-size body. Until…

Micah Peters—the very sexy and now famous man she fled— walks through her office door and sends Dee reeling. His demand that she help a young boy caught in a custody battle will reunite her with the past she left behind.

Torn between duty and self-preservation, Dee isn’t easy to convince. But when obligation wins, the former lovers get more than they bargained for—a searing passion that burns hotter than ever and startling revelations about what really happened the fateful night she left.

Will the truth set Dee free to love again? Or will past hurts and lingering insecurities destine her to walk away from her heart again, this time for good?

Fat Girl is the first book in this provocative two-part series about love and self-acceptance.

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There’s a good musical groove going on inside the packed Glam Bar. The three of us are standing around a black-and-chrome pub table, sipping our drinks. Well, my friends are sipping their drinks. I’m pretty much chugging mine. The bass percussion of the techno music resounds in my chest and vibrates beneath my feet. Having downed enough cranberry martinis to loosen me up, I move to the rhythm and soak up more alcohol.

After nearly two years of therapy, I know better than to trade one binge for another. But by the time our server with the Angelina Jolie lips delivers my fourth drink, I’m past rational thought. But not numb.

I still want numb.

Lexie and Jordyn urge me on to the crowded dance floor. And for the next hour, I paste on a smile, I drink, I pretend to laugh, I drink, I dance, I drink. Before long, my smile and laugh aren’t fake anymore. The alcohol surging through my bloodstream makes me feel bold and confident, even in my fat-hugging jeans. I find myself flirting back with men I don’t know. That’s not my usual MO. I’m guarded. I was guarded even with the small handful of lovers I’ve had since Mick. But tonight the attention feels good…better than good. It feels fanfuckingtastic. But once I stop dodging grabby hands, Jordyn plucks the glass from my fingers and separates me from Ted or Ed.

“Let’s go,” she says, placing an arm around my waist and leading my wobbly form to a cab. “Your chariot awaits, Princess.”

“No…no…no…” I wave my finger at her. “DontsyoucallsmePrincess.”

“Ookay.” She’s humoring me.

But I know what I mean.

The cab drops me off first, and Lexie and Jordyn watch from the vehicle until I get inside. I stumble to my bedroom. I’ve got just enough wherewithal to change into a T-shirt and crawl into bed. Blissfully numb, I’m dozing off when the shrill ring of the phone pierces my partial slumber. I debate letting it go to voice mail. But if it’s one of my friends calling to check up on me, she’ll be worried.

I get out of bed and sway. Whoa. With no idea where I’ve left the cordless, I attempt to steady myself by bracing my hands on the walls as I follow the incessant sound through the darkened house.

The flashing light in between the potted plants catches my bleary gaze, and I stagger over to the ledge that divides the living room from the kitchen nook. Without checking Caller ID, I jab my index finger at the speaker button, apparently with a little too much gusto, and send it crashing to the floor.

“Damn it!” I kneel down and pat the hardwood until my hand closes around the upended plastic. Fully expecting to hear Jordyn’s or Lexie’s voice on the other end, I climb shakily to my feet and answer, “Don’t worry, that wasn’t me. I’m still standing.”


My head spins. But it’s not from the alcohol. I grab the ledge for support. “How did you get my number? I’m not listed.”

“I have my ways.”

Of course, he does. Being rich and powerful would get him any information he wanted, which brings me to the more important question: “What do you want, Mick?”

He doesn’t answer immediately. Makes me wonder if he’s pondering that question himself. Then he says, “I wanted to thank you.”

“Oh, I suppose I scored some brownie points for taking the case,” I reply, the liquor freeing my tongue. “Well, before you go applauding yourself for my reform, just know you weren’t a factor in my decision.”

“Whatever your reason, Dee, I’m still grateful.”

“No, you’re nots,” I say, slurring the last word. “You’re an arrogant ass.”

“And you’re drunk.”

His tone rubs me the wrong way. I’m tired of Mick flip-flopping between insults and apology, between thanks and judgment. I’m just tired.

“So what?” I retort. “I needed to unwind from a miserable couple of days.” Let Mick read into that anything he chooses.

“Have I made you miserable?”

I say nothing. I’ve already given him more than enough ammunition.

“Have I made you face things you hoped to run away from? Have I made you think about us? About our nights at the lake?”

I gasp, startled by his reference to our sexual past. And yet the memory incites an erotic need in me that won’t stand down. But I dismiss his taunt: “That’s ancient history.”

“History has a way of repeating itself.”

“Not this time.”

“Oh, we’re going to happen again, Dee.” His silky rasp licks across my skin. “And soon.”

“See? Arrogant! You assume because you’re Micah Peters, I’ll fall into bed with you on command.”

“I don’t assume it. I know it. And not because of my fame—that wouldn’t matter to you. I know you will because of how your body has always responded to mine.”

My thighs squeeze together against an achy wetness. “You’re delusional.”

“I’m right and my memory’s long,” he counters in a low, sexy timbre. “I haven’t forgotten I was the first man to touch you. The first man to be buried deep inside you. The first man to make you come.”

A moan snakes up my throat.

“And you haven’t forgotten either. Sleep well, Dee.”


Author Info:

An American living in Canada. Chocolate snob. Recovering yo-yo dieter. Devoted mom and wife, blessed with a brilliantly witty daughter and unintentionally humorous husband. My wacky family feed my creativity and fuel my passion. Most nights, you will find me either curled up with a great book or, more often, sitting at my computer, tapping out the countless visions in my head.

To me, there is nothing better in a narrative than perfectly flawed but strong characters and intense romance that is sexy, deep, and sensual. Mm…I liken such stories to a box of Godiva. Decadent and delicious! You can’t stop at just one. In fact, I’m now hard at work on my next novel—A Naked Beauty, the conclusion to Fat Girl.

Website | Facebook | @LeighCarron



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