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cover52960-mediumHis wicked games…

The Prince of Hell needs to get laid. Well, according to his minions, anyway. Now Derek Wescott, ruler of the Eighth Level of Hell, has been set up on an online date. And worse still, his minions are placing bets that Derek won’t be able to entice the sweet yet plain Jaclyn Reynolds into bed before midnight. But Derek has no intention of losing the bet. Not now. Not ever.

Jaclyn, on the other hand, is in danger of losing everything. The charity she runs is in trouble, and she is desperate for cash. The moment she sees her absolutely gorgeous—and insanely wealthy—date, she knows she’s in way over her head. She also knows his type all too well, and it will be a cold day in Hell before she ever gets into his bed. Yet Derek offers her a friendly wager: he’ll give $10,000 to her charity if she can resist him.

The wagers have been set. The game has begun. And Derek will do just about anything to ensure that Jaclyn is completely— and infernally—his…

Part of me enjoyed this one and part of me didn’t.  I liked Jaclyn, mostly.  She cares about those that need help and dedicates her life to helping kids.  She’s had some bad history that has caused her to have issues with trust and she’s a more solitary type so Derek is definitely outside her comfort zone.  I’m just not sure I ever quite grasped her back and forth attitude on him.  She doesn’t know if she can trust him, doesn’t think his interest or feelings is genuine, and the truth about him really sets her world spinning.  But the next thing you know they are back in bed.

The story is fun though and Derek definitely makes up for any of my misgivings on Jaclyn’s feelings.  Derek makes a fantastic Prince of Hell, one with scruples and who does his best to only punish the ones who deserve it.  He’s suave and charming and full of himself but with a ton of style and good humor.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he truly cares about those that need help.  And seeing him flirt and clash with Jaclyn is highly entertaining.

The sex is definitely sizzling and will get you a little hot under the collar.  And as much thought as she puts into the bedroom scenes, Cooke also has a good time making up unique rules for Derek’s world.  It is always fun to see the creativity authors put into these paranormal stories and she does it very well.  It all fits logically together (at least as much as thing kind of thing can be) and I didn’t notice any weird holes or out of left field plot points.

If you like your romances sexy and supernatural, All Bets Are On is definitely worth a go.  Good at giving us a yummy hero and an intriguing world, I’m looking forward to seeing what else Cooke can deliver.