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23153764A woman in the British Horticultural Society! The very idea horrifies everyone, including ardent horticulturalist Lavinia Harlow, whose own name has been put forth for membership by the provoking Marquess of Huntly. He does it as a joke, of course, to get back at her for an imagined slight—well, to be fair, she had insulted his writing—and Vinnie, older sister to the infamous Harlow Hoyden, is far too sensible to rise to his ridiculous challenge.

Determined to head off further scandal (her name has already been recorded in the betting book at Brooks’s!), Vinnie dashes off a polite note refusing the honor—which she has every intention of sending. Really. Only she can’t help but chafe at the way everyone keeps demanding that she decline at once, even the marquess. Oh, especially the marquess, whose perfection she finds intolerable. Who ever heard of a gentleman being so handsome and so intelligent and so well informed about foreign flora? Clearly, the man needs to be taken down a peg, and somehow, despite all twenty-four years of faultless propriety, Vinnie is just the hoyden to do it.

I read the first book, The Harlow Hoyden, and loved it.  The characters were a ton of fun and the plot was full of humor, suspense and romance.  With the follow-up, Messina leaves out the suspense but again delivers her fantastically fun characters, plus a great mix of humor and romance.

We get the return of our favorite people from the first story and even though Huntley is new, he fits right in.  There’s definitely a reason why he’s Trent’s best friend.  And the first meet cute between Huntley and Vinnie is delightful, then things just keep getting better.

The Other Harlow Girl is a wonderful British farce, so you have to be in the mood for that kind of thing, but it is hilarious and tender and sweet and fun.  What more could you ask for?

If you loved the quirkiness of The Harlow Hoyden, you’ll love Vinnie’s story.