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cover50892-mediumSweeten up your Kindle with the combination of Lucy Kevin’s beloved Rose Chalet  characters and Katy Regnery’s signature sweet heat and happily ever after!

Curvy, vulnerable Jasmine Turner has never had much luck with men and doesn’t believe in true love. When she grudgingly accepts an invitation to her sister’s wedding, the last thing she expects is to be seated beside gorgeous, teasing Robert Callahan.

Finding herself attracted to the handsome swimmer and won over by his kindness, Jasmine lets herself fall for the first time in her life. But, even if she can overcome her fears and give him a chance to win her heart, will Robert’s checkered past be a problem for the young couple?

Based on beloved characters found in Lucy Kevin’s charming Four Weddings and a Fiasco series, The Wedding Date tells the story of Anne Fairleigh’s half sister, Jasmine Turner and  Robert Callahan.

I haven’t read any of Lucy Kevin’s stories so I’m not familiar with this world, but I found Katy’s entry to be wonderful.  There were a lot of characters that I would have met in the previous books, but because it mostly focuses on Robert and Jasmine it isn’t that big a deal.  There is some history for these two from the rest of the series, but Regnery does a fantastic job of filling in the details for new readers.

Jasmine doesn’t find herself all that attractive, at least not compared to the skinny, Barbie doll girls at school.  And she’s got a lot of trust issues related to the fact that her father had an affair with her mother, only to go back to his wife.  When Roberts parents divorced he rebelled, getting into some pretty serious trouble.  Trouble that followed him around for years and that he’s hoping to escape at school.  Thrown together at Anne’s wedding, they discover that they have a lot in common and a very strong attraction to each other, but can they get past their issues and actually make a go of it?

It is a novella so it is short and it is also very sweet.  The characters are young, still in college, so it does fall into the New Adult category but they’ve been thru a lot in their short lives so they have a good amount of maturity for their ages.  I loved seeing them make a connection and take some time to explore it.  There is the typical misunderstanding that is very common to romances but Regnery handles it with style and it doesn’t feel like the same old thing.  Their issues are very understandable and I really enjoyed how they make their HEA work for them.

I do have to say, though, that part of me was glad it wasn’t a full length book because I absolutely couldn’t put it down.