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I’ve got nothing on my schedule today, so how about a review.


20669229Blue Collar Baker

In high school, Marissa Llewellyn had the hots for golden boy Jackson “Jax” Carlisles. So when he arrives at her bakery, yummier than ever, to investigate a series of break-ins, she can’t help being reminded of the awkward girl she was. But that’s not the reason she evades his questions…

Silver Spoon Sheriff

Jax grew up as part of the Fort Worth country club set, but as the new chief of police, that’s all behind him, much to the chagrin of his family. Though he may not remember Marissa, he can’t stop thinking about the woman she’s become—and the secret she’s obviously keeping from him.

A Recipe for Romance…or Disaster?

Marissa is determined to help the homeless teen she caught breaking into her shop, even if that means lying to Jax. And when the sparks between her and the sexy sheriff ignite into a passionate affair, Marissa will have to choose between following the rules he upholds, and her own sense of justice.

Baker’s Law is as super sweet as its cover and I devoured every page of it.  It comes across as a light read but it has a surprising amount of depth and is the perfect break for those hot summer days.

I loved Jax and Marissa together. They are spicy and sassy and oh-so-sexy. The teenage crush all grown up storyline is always fun and McDonald does a great job with it.  And while Jax might not have really seen Marissa all those years ago, he definitely sees her now and they can certainly heat up the pages.

Marissa still has a few hang-ups left over from being considered chubby in high school. She’s more confident now but those definitely come out, especially around her old crush.  Jax is all man now and knows who he is in the world … even if it doesn’t sit well with his affluent mother.  But he’s assured enough to know he wants to live his life on his terms.  And now that includes Marissa as well.

There’s some trouble over break-ins around town and a secret that Marissa is keeping.  I can see why she’s hesitant to bring it to Jax and why he’s concerned.  It isn’t really a mystery but it does add a little extra drama to their romance.

Sweet and spicy, with fun characters and a fast-paced plot, Baker’s Law is a delicious addition to anyone’s beach bag.