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cover48894-mediumIn the stunning prequel novella to her new mixed martial arts series, New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster brings together an elite fighter and the woman he’s determined to win.

Brute strength. Unforgettable moves. It’s no wonder Harper Gates hasn’t been able to get her fling with Gage “Savage” Ringer out of her head. Months have passed since she laid eyes—or any other body parts—on him. Months without a word of contact…until, sidelined by injury, he comes back to town.

Staying focused on his training seemed like a smart move to Gage, even if he thought about Harper every day. Seeing her again only makes it clear how much is at stake. He’s got one night to earn back her trust. One night to show her that behind his breathtaking skill and ripped body is a man who’ll give her everything she needs.

I absolutely ADORED Foster’s SBC Fighers series and I’m super excited to see she’s bringing readers another MMA series!

I think the blurb is a little deceiving – Harper and Gage were starting a relationship when he got the chance at a main card fight.  It’s a big deal and he’s sure that Harper will understand his need to go away to train without distractions … distractions like Harper.  (Yeah, silly man!)  So when an injury causes him to be cut from the fight, he heads home, thinking everything will be like before.  (Yeah, very silly man!)  Once he realizes what happens he does what he needs to in order to convince Harper how he feels.  Basically he’s a typically clueless hero who has to fix his screw up and win back his girl.  And it’s hot.  And sweet.  Did I say hot?  Whew!

Foster has an absolutely stellar writing style (as proven by her 80+ story booklist and almost 2 decade career) and it’s in full force with Hard Knocks.  We jump right in the middle of Gage and Harper’s relationship but it is never awkward as we learn their history and see them work their way toward a HEA.  She gives us engaging characters, with realistic issues and feelings, and a lot of sizzle.  I love the passion and genuine caring with Harper and Gage.  They love each other but also their friends and their community.  It’s a wonderfully tight little group that I can’t wait to get to know better.

Novella in length, but not in impact, Hard Knocks is a great intro to the “Ultimate” series.  Added to the fun, we also get to meet the other guys at the gym, all of whom are likely to have a fantastic story of their own.  No Limits is due on shelves in late August and another story follows early next year.  And I can’t wait!