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cover48354-mediumFor five years, Leah has been known as the fame whore who screwed Kevin Grayson, son of Hollywood royalty, as a step up the ladder to stardom and then maliciously exposed footage of their most intimate moments to the world. Only Leah knows Kevin is the guilty one, using the public sympathy to advance his career and breaking her heart in the process.

Leah isn’t naïve anymore. She’s given up on romance, and she’ll do whatever necessary to prove she hasn’t been defeated. So when she needs another shot of notoriety to ensure the success of her new restaurant, at the same time Kevin needs some PR help of his own, she agrees to a crazy plan.

She can fake a two-week romantic vacation with Kevin, pretending to rekindle their relationship for the eyes of the world. And she can resist Kevin’s breathtaking sexiness, even in such close quarters. And she absolutely won’t fall for any of his lies.

I felt so bad for these two … which shows that Adams does a fantastic job of giving her readers characters to care about.  Although the blurb makes it sound like it is about Leah, it is really about both of them.  And they are both so devastated by the events that happened in the past.  It’s going to take a lot to get these two to a HEA ending.

Usually a book that bounces between the past and the present doesn’t work for me.  The disjointed time frame usually just brings me out of the story, but this one worked very well.  We start in the now when Leah is dealing with the aftermath of the sex tapes, but then we start bouncing between now and how they met, fell in love, and then lost everything.  Adams wonderfully manages to weave the two together and brings us the pertinent points at the right time.

Leah has lost a lot of her sparkle because of what happened and I don’t know that I would have held my head up as well as she does, facing everything the public throws at her.  I’m not sure if staying in LA is brave or stupid but she definitely does it with style.  It has left her tough, cynical and isolated, so very hesitant to trust again.  Especially trusting Kevin.

Kevin has also lost some of his mojo and we’re given his side of the events as well.  He had a horrible upbringing and I think my only complaint is that we didn’t get to see more of that.  We get some indication thru interactions with his dad, and it definitely explains things, but I think I would have liked to have seen a little more of that.  Because Kevin is definitely shaped by his relationship with his father and it affects everything that happens with Leah.  Considering she was one of the few people who he opened up to, having their relationship blow up (and so publicly) has given him a few more scars.

It’s a joy to watch them learn to let go and trust again.  Together Leah and Kevin are smart and witty and their interactions are so realistically cute.  I think the ending was the perfect complement to the rest of their relationship and it left me with a smile.  A sizzling heartbreaker, Overexposed highlights troubled lovers and their rocky path back together again.