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cover45728-mediumKatrina’s Lesson in Social Media Disasters

or How Technology Can Bite You in the A**

Katrina Phillips is an expert social media manager. But that doesn’t mean she can’t make mistakes. Horrible, hide-in-your-closet-forever mistakes…like accidentally syncing her BootyBook app with her online profiles.

Blammo. Now everyone in the world can see who Katrina has dated and how they rated in appearance, sexual performance and (OMG) detailed descriptions of their manly parts! Now her phone is blowing up with angry exes—and an out-of-the-blue text from the only guy who came close to a perfect score….

Katrina has had a thing for Drew Jordan since forever ago, even if a booze-fuelled one-nighter did destroy their friendship. So why is he suddenly texting her now—and is it because she rated his Sexy Staff of Manliness as “magnificent?” Now the only way to satisfy her curiosity is to reunite with Drew…and rate him all over again!

Perfect 10 is a great example of what horrible things can happen in today’s world of technology.  It’s totally embarrassing and easy to imagine actually happening to anyone.  Well, except most of us probably don’t have an app like BootyBook, but the idea is the same.

At its heart, it’s the story of second chances and it’s very sweet.  Drew got overwhelmed after a night of drunken sex with his friend and was less than gentlemanly.  Who hasn’t reacted poorly and then couldn’t figure a way out of it?  Lucky for Drew, Trina offers him a way in on a silver platter.

Trina is devastated by her mistake (again a totally realistic situations) but also hopeful when she hears from Drew.  Who hasn’t embarrassed themselves in front of a lot of people and had to figure out how to go on with your head held high?  McCarthy handles it with style and grace … and some hot sex.

Perfect 10 is a cautionary tale for today’s plugged in world, but it’s also a sweet romance, with just that perfect touch of spice.