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cover40744-mediumIn this hilarious romp, Noble Britton literally falls head over heels for his charming-and er, clumsy-new bride

When Noble Britton’s first wife dies, he tries everything to clear his name, including marrying a quiet, honest woman with no history of scandal or ill reputation. As soon as he meets Gillian Leigh, he knows she’ll do quite nicely. But Noble has a lot to learn about his unconventional bride. Gillian is a bit…accident prone. Now, with unfortunate incidents occurring all around him, and a banged-up head, black eye, and broken nose to boot, he realizes that this feisty girl has stolen his heart…and healed his soul.

I actually read Noble Intentions a handful of years ago and forgot how much I enjoyed it.  You definitely have to be in the mood for zaniness, though, but as long as you are it is a fantastic read.

Gillian is quirky and sweet and fun.  She throws herself headlong into life and that includes her marriage to Noble.  She finds herself in some embarrassing situations but she does it with an inquisitive mind and a good heart.  And even though he doesn’t embrace it quite as wholeheartedly, it is this liveliness that captures Noble’s attention.

Noble is living down a bad reputation thanks to the death of his first wife but he’s intent on doing the best for his family and his title.  He’s under the impression that he wants a quieter life and can mold Gillian into fitting into his expectations.  But he soon realizes that Gillian is a force unto herself.

There is also a nice suspense element that threads through the majority of the story and helps to highlight the deepening feelings between Gillian and Noble.  It’s an interesting mystery that kept me turning pages until the end.

Noble Intentions is a fun and entertaining start to MacAlister’s Noble series.  I’ve read a couple of the others as well and remember them being just as much fun, so get ready to add a handful of stories to your TBR pile.