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cover35897-mediumEnglish professor Dr. Georgeanne Hayes has a problem. Her star pupil, an Army sergeant who works in a top-secret government program, is missing—and someone tried to push her in front of a train last night.

Sam “Knight Rider” McKnight is used to looking out for Georgie. When they were kids, she was just his best friend’s baby sister. But Georgie’s not a baby anymore and Sam is getting some very male—and very dirty—thoughts about the girl he knows he can never have.

When someone threatens Georgie’s life again, Sam will do anything necessary to keep her safe. Even if it means spending the next few days locked up in a remote house on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with her.

Sam might be used to denying himself what he wants, but he’s about to find out that being cooped up with Georgie will push him to the limit. And maybe beyond.

Unlike Hot PursuitHot Mess is more romance than thriller.  There is a little bit involving the disappearance of Georgie’s student and what that means for her, but the majority of the story is about Sam and Georgie’s feelings.  (Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, but if you are looking for a lot of action this isn’t it.  Definitely check out Hot Pursuit though because that one was a ton of fun.)

Sam has had a thing for Georgie (and her for him) for years.  Unfortunately Sam comes with a lot of baggage from his past and now there is the difficulty of a life in a covert military group.  Even if he could get over his feeling of being unworthy of Georgie, his job does not make it easy to have a relationship.  He has so much going for him though – he’s strong and smart and dedicated – he just has to realize that … and then Georgie has to decide if she can accept a world where he could leave at the drop of a hat and maybe not come back.  She is sure of her feelings for Sam but his new career has to be taken into consideration too.  When they are thrown together in a small house, isolated and alone, their feelings prove difficult to ignore.

I loved these two together.  They steam up the sheets, but they also warm up the heart.  Sam’s concerns are very real and very valid.  It isn’t easy being a military wife and it has to be even harder when your husband is in such a covert group. But Harris handles it beautifully and you finish with a great warm & fuzzy feeling.  And with the anticipation of more stories in the future.