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The New Adult genre is taking the world by storm and today we get to visit with author Bethany Hensel as she talks about the genre and how her book Unstoppable brings a little twist for her readers to enjoy.


Thanks so much for having me here on your incredible site, Julie! It’s such an honor. Today I thought I’d talk about my sexy thriller, Unstoppable, as well as the genre New Adult. Trust me, they relate. 🙂 So here goes!

I think there’s a bit of a misconception that New Adult is “sexed up YA” or is just a story with characters that are in college. But New Adult is definitely not the former and it’s so much more than the latter. I mean, take the very words: New Adult. You are a brand-spankin’ new adult and as such, you have all sorts of new challenges and thrills and excitement thrown at you – and without the safety net of parents or teachers. It’s why I love the genre so much…it’s just so raw, dramatic, emotional and, at times, wonderfully funny. I didn’t write Unstoppable with the idea in mind that it was New Adult. When I started writing it, New Adult didn’t even exist. But, as luck and timing would have it, during my revision process, New Adult blew up and it blew up big. I loved reading about characters who had complex, sometimes dangerous, pasts; who were awkward and funny, who wanted love as much as they feared it. I was like, Yes! These are my kind of books! And, surprisingly, sort of like the book I was just finishing up revising!

Unstoppable is about Derek Archer, whose life is finally beginning. He’s about to graduate high school, land the job he’s always wanted and move in with the girl he’s always loved. It’s the biggest transition period for him. And of course, that’s when everything goes wrong! Unstoppable isn’t a romance, it’s definitely a mystery and thriller, a story of not only who dunnit, but why. I haven’t seen many sub-genres in NA, but here’s hoping you enjoy this sexy thriller!


Amazon Digital Cover Final ! - couple main largeUnstoppable by Bethany Hensel


Unstoppable tells the tale of young, intelligent and handsome Derek Archer, whose life is finally beginning. He’s just about to graduate from high school, land the job he’s always wanted, and move in with the girl he’s always loved, Victoria. There’s no reason for him to question or want for anything…until the day Victoria’s father is shot and killed, setting off a devastating, heartbreaking chain of reactions.

Now, the race is on, and Derek has only three days to right a terrible wrong. With the help of a childhood friend with a penchant for high-tech espionage, they investigate every lead, never imagining their search would take them deep into the heart of a seemingly perfect family, where old ghosts, bitter lies, and agonizing betrayal all collide. It’s then, with the lives of everyone he holds dear in the balance, Derek discovers just how unimaginable the truth can be…and how unstoppable. Full of twists and turns, this sexy New Adult thriller is The Bourne Identity meets Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet…expect action, expect danger, expect love.

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bethany-hensel1Author Info: Since her breakthrough into publishing in 2007, arts and entertainment writer Bethany Hensel has compiled a vast and varied catalogue of work that includes interviews with television personalities, bestselling authors, award-winning singers, and more; as well as reviews of popular books, Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, and beloved musicals. Her Truth and Love Series (Unstoppable, Irreversible, Unforgettable, Irreplaceable) has been called “sexy”, and “sizzling”. For more information, check bethanyhensel.com


Also available is book two in the Truth and Love series, Irreversible. 

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