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cover42256-mediumCadie Calhoun Wade is having a helluva week. She’s the Thing of Honor for her sister’s wedding. She’s finalizing her divorce. The neighbor’s dog keeps stealing into her house and treating her feet like a salt lick. And it’s a certain anniversary for a day that still stays with her, even a year later.

Her childhood best friend is also back in town. And not any ol’ friend, either. Bo Garrett just happens to be the most famous action hero in the world.

And boy, has Bo missed his Cadie! They parted on such dumb, stupid, moronic terms. And now that he’s back in Phoenix to get some outside shots for his latest alien flick, he’s not about to let her slip away again. Of course, his agent only has dollar signs in his eyes and thinks Cadie’s no Angelina. Bo’s sisters have a bit of a vendetta against her, too.

With the week Cadie’s having, she wonders if it’s just too much. That they just weren’t meant to be.

Which means Bo needs to work overtime to convince her otherwise. Luckily, an action star knows when and how to flash his smile and his muscles. And when to let the heart do the talking instead.

Especially when it comes to the girl who was his biggest regret.

His Favorite Regret was surprisingly deep. There are a lot of issues that get brought up and resolved (I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll leave it at that). But these difficulties are mixed in with funny and lighthearted moments, making it fun and charming and a fast read.

I liked both Cadie and Bo. He is wonderfully supportive of her and pursues her relentlessly. He knows that he let her get away once and that he doesn’t want it to happen again. She is going through a horribly rough patch and she needs that support. Life has beaten her down so it is hard for her to imagine that Bo’s interest is serious, but he’s a very patient man … especially for a big shot movie star. Together Cadie and Bo are funny and sweet and fun.

I will say that the supporting cast is a little bit of a cliché – few of them support Bo and Cadie, tending to be judgmental or self-involved. But for comic relief they are a ton of fun, you just can’t take them too seriously. This is the start of a series so some of those characters may get their own story and make more sense but for now they are just another bit of humor in an entertaining story.

At about 150 pages, it isn’t novella length but it is something you can finish pretty quickly. And since Bo and Cadie are so engaging, you’ll probably have a hard time putting it down so that’s a good thing.