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Lady Amelia Witherspoon simply must get home to her beloved family on Christmas Eve. So when a terrible storm threatens to leave her snowbound, she refuses to admit defeat-even if that means sharing a carriage with Evan Cameron, the last man she ever hoped to see . . .

Evan can’t fathom why his oldest friend is as icy to him as the winter wind. All he does know is that Amelia is still the loveliest, most tempting woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Their only option is to take refuge together at a nearby inn, sharing the one remaining room. Evan promises to be a gentleman . . . but it’s a promise neither of them wants him to keep.

I found His For Christmas to be super sweet and a wonderful choice for getting into the holiday spirit.  It’s got a lot of my favorite romance elements:  Christmas (perfect for a love story), childhood friends, and a misunderstanding.  I’ll add that last one with a caveat – I think that writers have to be very careful with stories containing misunderstandings as a major plot point.  There is a chance they can err on either end, being too heavy handed or too simplistic, so that it isn’t believable.  But with this one, Haymore does a wonderful job of creating believable troubles between them – readers can easily understand how it might happen and cause such havoc – and she handles the resolution with the same amount of care and heart.

The characters are well-developed (especially for a novella) and the writing is crisp, which makes for a fast and easy read.  And even if you aren’t very big on historical romances, you’ll still find something to love about these two.  There isn’t a lot of Lord-this and Lady-that, mostly it is just about two people having to come to terms with a past confusion, that caused a lot of hurt, and figure out if they can move forward together.