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Time for a new book review.


cover33906-mediumSingle Dad’s Christmas Miracle

by Susan Meier

He needs a helping hand…

Having recently lost his wife, Clark Beaumont is trying to make it through the holidays for the sake of his kids. But with his son failing at school and his little girl talking only in whispers, he needs nothing short of a miracle.…

…when one arrives on his doorstep!

Althea Johnson is only meant to tutor Clark’s son. But with her help the Beaumont family begins to come alive again, and against the odds Althea hopes that when Christmas morning arrives there will be four stockings hanging over the fireplace.…

Both Clark and Althea have troubled pasts and need a little help learning to move on.  Clark is devastated by the death of his wife …. and all of the secrets she left behind.  To cope he’s holding on to his children a little too hard and it’s manifesting itself in their behavior.  He has to figure out how to let it all go or he’ll be stuck forever and maybe even lose out on a close relationship with his kids. 

Althea had a horrible childhood and she’s trying her best to find a way to lead a normal life …. but she doesn’t know what a normal relationship or family looks like and as much as she wants that with Clark and his kids, it is tough.  She has to reconcile what her father did to her with her wants for a future or she’ll never be free.

There are some tough issues addressed in this book and the two have to make difficult choices.  The family starts to change pretty quickly but I think mostly because they’ve never opened up to someone new before.  And once that starts it quickly leads to healing and forgiveness. 

Single Dad’s Christmas Miracle is a sweet story about letting go of the past and looking to the future.  It’s a lovely feel good story that is perfect for the holiday season.