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cover24734-mediumCaitlin Mulchahy is spending almost all of her time helping run the family handyman business with her sisters.  Dr Jack Gannon, a former naval medic, has returned home to take over his father’s job as the small town’s only doctor.  It’s the perfect solution to keep away the ghosts of his time in Iraq.  When Cait and Jack bump into each other saving a stray puppy, sparks fly.  But is love enough to overcome Jack’s issues?

I loved the idea of One Day in Apple Grove (if you’ve read some of my past reviews you know I love quirky small towns) and I found myself liking the characters …. most of the time.  It’s a relatively simple idea that these two, who have known of each other all of their lives, reach a point where they can meet on a romantic level.  It’s something that could happen anywhere, any day, and it is that realistic vibe that is so very appealing.

But there were times when character interactions were just weird – either the dialogue was stilted or awkward, conversations just seemed unrealistic, or a character reacted in a way that seemed a little over the top considering the situation.  And it seemed like there were a lot of pages to tell a relatively short story, but I’m not even sure where all the pages went.  Which is both good and bad, because it went by relatively quickly but I didn’t feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck.  Maybe it just wasn’t tight, but I didn’t notice a lot of extraneous story telling.  It could be that the writing style just wasn’t for me, because I can honestly say that I enjoyed reading it.

I definitely say if the idea of One Day in Apple Grove intrigues you then give it a shot.  Because it is sweet and for the most part the characters are likeable …. it’s just that those awkward moments (to me anyway) that kept me from putting my whole heart into it.