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Trishelle Page has experienced a lot in her relatively short life, including unspeakable tragedy, but nothing prepares her for finding out that fairy tales are real.  Thanks to the magic of a fairy named Danika, Trish finds herself sprawled at the feet of the man she’s been informed is her soulmate …. none other than Captain James Hook.  Although he may not be the complete villain he’s been portrayed as, and definitely not a bumbling idiot, the story tellers did get his hatred for Peter Pan right.  The man-child is responsible for Hook’s greatest heartache and he’s spent a hundred years trying to make Peter Pan pay.  Now, his fairy godmother is telling him that the woman before him is his long lost love in new form …. only she doesn’t remember anything of her past.  While their attraction can’t be ignored, will Trish and Hook be willing to give their hearts and trust in love?  Or will their pasts be too much to overcome?

Hook’s Pan is Book 5 in Marie Hall’s “Kingdom” series, but it can mostly stand on its own.  I think there are some subtleties that I missed not having read the other books but it didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the book.  Hall picked five of literatures “bad” boys – the Mad Hatter (in Her Mad Hatter), Beast (in Gerard’s Beauty), the Big Bad Wolf (in Red and Her Wolf), Genie (in Jinni’s Wish), and now Captain Hook – and gave them updated, sexy stories about these men finding love.  I personally love fairy tale character romances , like Along Came a Spider and Charming Blue.  I love the re-imagining of what life could be for them, how they’ve been misunderstood or how they have to handle living in our world, the men and women that love them and give them their HEA.  Although I’ve not read any of Hall’s other stories, I have to say I’m intrigued by what I found with Hook.

Hook is a fun, bad boy – he freely admits to enjoy being a pirate and all the things that goes with it, but he also has his own moral code that he lives by.  He’s sexy as only a bad boy can be and it’s wonderful to see him find love.  Trish has her own problems, not the least of which is finding out that there really are such things as fairy tales.  But to find out that she’s supposedly the one true love for Hook is hard to take for a woman who doesn’t believe in love.

Their journey isn’t necessarily a complex one – the book isn’t very long and it is a quick read – but it is an enjoyable one.  I loved the world that Hall creates for us.  It is a fluid and beautiful world, very imaginative.  And I very much enjoyed seeing Peter Pan and Tink as less than pristine …. honestly, though I love Disney’s Tink, I’m really not a fan of Peter so seeing him in a negative light was a treat for me.