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Just What He Wanted is a fantastic addition to the Holloway series, following It’s Not Christmas Without YouLean on Me, and We’ll Be Home for Christmas.  Travis Yardley thought his life was just about perfect … then he meets Andie Patterson.  Andie moved to town to manage the mountain resort owned by her friend Lila (from We’ll Be Home for Christmas) and Travis has been instructed to help out.  Since time spent with a gorgeous, appealing woman isn’t a hardship for Travis, he’s happy to help out.  Andie is very attracted to the oh-so-gorgeous Travis, but what could he possible find appealing about an overweight woman ten years his senior?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Holloway series up to this point and somehow Dimon’s books keeps getting better.  I absolutely love both of these characters.  Andie recently got out of a bad relationship, one that did a number on her self-esteem.  She’s spent years being overweight and even though she’s lost a significant amount of weight she’s still quite curvy.  So in her mind she has no idea why someone so young and attractive would be interested in her.  Watching the confident Travis fall all over himself with Andie was quite a treat.  He’s always been so confident and sexy, it’s nice to see him off balance for once.  But he does have his own issues.  His childhood was awful and he still carries some of those scars – he may be young in years, but he’s got an old soul because of it.  Although he spends a lot of time and effort trying to work through Andie’s confidence problems, his own troubles are on a hair trigger.  But Dimon gives a wonderfully satisfying ending to this latest edition in her series, bringing everything together beautifully and in a realistic manner.

Those who have read books in the Holloway series before will be pleased get an update on some of their past favorites, as well as a touching romance for cutie Travis.  If this is your first Holloway book, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.  Dimon always does a great job of giving you all the details you need to know without bogging down the story.