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Laney Jefferson is at her remote mountain cabin in a snow storm when a handcuffed, and wounded, man appears at her door.  Her terror quickly disappears when she gets a good look at his face.  She hasn’t seen Logan Randal in over a decade but he was there when a teenage Laney needed someone on her side.  Logan is on the run, accused and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.  Now the lawman is going to find out who is behind the setup, but he needs the pretty widow to be as far away from him as possible.  Only God has other plans for the two.  As Laney and Logan keep getting pushed together, their attraction for each other starts to overcome their defenses.  Can they discover who is responsible so they can claim a future together?

Both Laney and Logan have baggage from their past – Laney’s parents were verbally and physically abusive, leading her to decide that love can only lead to heartache.  Her relationship with her husband was safe, comfortable … but she quickly realizes her feelings for Logan are definitely deeper.  Logan feels like he failed his wife when she died in a car accident so he also is hesitant to get deeply involved again.  But neither can control how they feel, so as they rush to elude the cops and solve the mystery they also have to decide if they are willing to give their hearts.

Fugitive will definitely appeal to a wide audience.  The suspense portion of the book is the driving force but the emotion behind Laney and Logan’s growing relationship and their shared history (especially Laney’s abuse) is very touching.  With a solid and interesting mystery that is beautifully combined with a touching love story, McCoy brings readers another winner.

(It shows to be a part of the “Heroes for Hire” series but I really didn’t notice it.  Some of the secondary characters may have their own books but it definitely didn’t cause any issue with keeping up with this one.  Fugitive can definitely stand on its own.)