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Megan Rossi is raising her best friend’s orphaned daughter, Molly, much to the dismay of the girl’s grandparents.  But the wealthy Campbells have the money and power to fight her for custody and as a kindergarten teacher Meg doesn’t have the means to face off against them in a lengthy legal battle.  She will do anything for Molly, though, even accept an unusual offer made by the girl’s uncle (and her ex-boyfriend) …. marriage.  Jason Campbell is well aware that his parents don’t have the little girl’s welfare in mind and making sure her daughter is cared for by Meg is the least he can do for his deceased sister.  A short-term, name-only marriage will take care of everything.  Except he didn’t count on the attraction to still be there between them all these years later.

The Temporary Wife is Jeannie Moon’s first novel and it is a definite winner.  She does a fantastic job of giving readers likable characters in both Meg and Jason – they have some issues that they have to work though but they are believable and the resolution is quite satisfying.  Jason has scars from growing up with his uncaring parents and Meg understandably has concerns about falling for Jason again.  It may have been years ago but the way their relationship ended is still definitely in play between the two of them.

The fact that Jason and Meg had a previous relationship is of course the driving force for the story, but it also plays into the idea of getting that second chance with your first love.  It’s a classic romance theme, but it’s a classic for a reason, and Moon does a great job of keeping it fresh and interesting.  My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that I occasionally got a little confused about the timeline.  There didn’t seem to be enough details on how and when time passed, but it wasn’t an enjoyment killer – it only popped up in a couple of places and was easily overlooked.

The Temporary Wife is a fantastic first go for a new romance author and one I highly recommend reading.  I’m intrigued by the idea of a sequel with Jason’s brother – actually there are a lot of opportunities to make more books out of the supporting characters.  They are varied and interesting and would make fascinating leading characters in their own books.

Here’s hoping that Moon has a long and successful writing career.