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In Meant to Be, Beth finds herself all alone on a ferry, going to meet her fiance’s family for the first time . . . only she’s scared to death of water.  Luckily, a nice (and oh-so-sexy) stranger helps her through her panic attack – giving her butterflies while doing it – then things go from bad to worse when she finds out that her rescuer is her fiance’s brother, Joe.  Abandoned for her two week vacation while Lucas works, Beth finds Joe more and more tempting, but nothing can happen between the two of them because of Lucas … right?

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one.  There’s just something a little icky about being engaged to one brother then ending up with another, but Osburn does a fantastic job of giving readers an engaging story and warm characters.  Beth is a people-pleaser, always has been, but the two weeks she spends on the island with Joe, his parents and their neighbors start her thinking about what she wants for herself.  Joe has his issues with his brother that simmer just under the surface, never to be looked at directly.  Then time with Beth causes him to look at his feelings a little more closely.  Not biological brothers – their parents married when the boys were young – there’s always been a bit of a strain between the boys, although they love their parents deeply.  Thanks to Beth, Joe does a little growing during her visit, learning to look at things a little differently.

Both Beth and Joe fight their feelings – they don’t take the situation lightly – and they understand the repercussions of their decisions.  Meant to Be turned out to be a much more heart-warming and sweet story than I thought it would be at first.  I must say that Osburn surprised and delighted me with this one.  And readers are going to get a chance to experience Lucas’s story too and it looks like he gets his HEA in a most unexpected way, for him anyway.