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cover31656-mediumScience professor Melina Parker is better with bugs than with men.  After she’s told by another boyfriend that she’s no good in bed, and with dreams of a family, she enlists the help of her childhood friend, Max Dalton, to help teach her how to please a man.  Since Max and his twin brother, Rhys, have never wanted for women, he’s the perfect choice.  Only she finds herself getting a lesson from Rhys instead – the man that Melina’s loved for years but who she believes is out of her league.  Rhys has had a thing for Melina for as long as he can remember but she’s always been much more comfortable with his twin.  Plus his life as a successful stage magician means that he’s always traveling and in no position to offer her the white picket fence that she longs for.  Now he has the chance to spend a few days showing Melina the pleasures of the bedroom, but will he be able to let her go when it’s over?

Bedding the Wrong Brother just about sizzles the pages.  Rhys and Melina have a lot of fire and passion between them and DePaul doesn’t hold that back.  But along with the steam, she also gives readers a delicious romance about two people who have had feelings for each other for years but a comedy of errors have kept them apart.  Neither of them want to take that chance of putting their heart on the line only to have it rebuffed.  You know that things are going to work out for them but it is still a little stressful to see them fumble their way to their happy ending.

This is actually part of a series and Max has a story of his own and he’s such a scoundrel that I’m looking forward to him getting his comeuppance.