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cover30001-mediumDespite her vast wealth, Miss Ariadne Lambert, at the ripe old age of thirty-three, is a plain and aging spinster with little but a fading hope that a knight in shining armor will come to sweep her off her feet. Which makes her the perfect prey for the unscrupulous “Dapper” Dorsey, who would stop at nothing to seduce a needy and wealthy woman and then coldly fritter away her funds in the gaming halls of London. As Ariadne succumbs first to his wily charms and then to his kisses, will her need for affection rob her of her dignity—and her fortune?

Viscount Ingram, whose soiled reputation from one especially salacious incident has left him exiled to the sidelines of society, marks his time as a dark and brooding man, tolerated more for his title than his merit. But even he has his standards, and when he learns of a rival’s plot to seduce and then steal from a helpless spinster, he vows to stop him.

Ingram’s noble sentiments and uncharacteristic sincerity are in for a shock, however, as he discovers that the hopelessly gullible Ariadne is in fact a clever and shrewd woman who’s got more than a silly giggle up her sleeve. As the two team up in a devilish scheme to bring about the final undoing of Dorsey, cooperation turns to admiration and then attraction, and they discover that their last chance to repair their reputations may also be their first chance at finding true love.


A Rogue’s Rescue is a fun little romantic double-cross.  Ingram thinks that Ariadne is a sucker, the perfect mark for a man looking to take advantage of her for her money.  But she’s actually savvy, smart and has a plan to show a rogue like Dorsey a thing or two.  She’s a little different than the average society lady but that’s perfect for Ingram because he needs someone a little different, someone who will see beyond the reputation that society has given him.  He may not have been an angel as a young man, but he’s definitely grown into a fine gentleman … people just choose not to see it.  Because of the charade that they both are living, the delusion they operate under is entertaining and it’s very sweet once they finally start to get to know the real people underneath.  I so love that these two found each other.  And the setup that they have for Dan is fun and adds that extra bit of sass and fun to a story of two people falling in love.

This is a fast read and comes in at just at under 100 pages, but it’s perfect if you are looking for a bite-sized regency romance.  A perfect way to spend a pretty summer afternoon, surrounded by lords and ladies and a little intrigue.