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cover28966-mediumAll in one day, Lizzie Hathaway’s entire world implodes.  She finds out that the man she loves is only after her money, all of which her father lost in a very public scandal.  Since being good has gotten her nothing, Lizzie decides to be very bad.  Conroy Beale does love Lizzie but he can’t imagine that the New York heiress would still want him if she knew he was just an auto mechanic with a glossy veneer.  When she runs off after finding out the truth, Con decides to let her go … until she starts showing up in the tabloids during drunken binges.  So he goes after her, intent on drying her out, but Lizzie wants revenge and the perfect opportunity to exploit her new notoriety for money lands in her lap.  They’ll go on a TV show to get married, followed by a quick divorce.  Con agrees but has no idea that they will be doing this in the small Louisiana town where he grew up … and has been running from ever since.  Can Con face his past?  As her attraction to Con proves too hard to resist, can Lizzie trust her heart and, most importantly, Con?

Con appeals to me so much.  He had a hard life growing up – poor in a tiny swamp town, with an abusive, alcoholic dad.  He worked hard to do something with his life but he’s still broken.  He might put on a good show but he’s avoiding a lot of emotional damage that needs to be faced and unwittingly Lizzie forces him to do just that.  And it is the best thing that ever happened to him.  He gets the chance to let go of so much baggage and see the kind of future he could have.  Con takes a lot of abuse from Lizzie, partially because he thinks he deserves it but also because he knows she needs an outlet.  As she works through her anger and is forced to spend time with Con at such a vulnerable point in his life, the harder it is for her to resist him.

A Bad Boy is Good to Find is fiery and heartfelt, seductive and emotional, with compelling characters fighting a lot of demons.