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Susan Mallery welcomes us back to Fool’s Gold with Two of a Kind, a poignant, heart-warming love story full of wit, tenderness and passion.  Freakishly smart Felicia Swift has always been a bit of a misfit.  She grew up at a university, more of an experiment than a kid, and went straight into the military where she worked with special ops teams doing logistics.  Now she’s going to help her friends open the bodyguard school and hopefully finally find a home.  Gideon Boylan just wants a place where he can be left alone.  Years spent as a POW has left scars both physical and emotional.  And even though they shared a steamy night years ago, Gideon knows that he can’t give Felicia the family she wants.  But as they find their attraction still as strong as ever, will they discover that they are perfect for each other, faults and all?

I couldn’t wait for this book to come out because Felicia was such an engaging character in Just One Kiss and I loved the idea of super-sexy, super-troubled, Gideon.  Two of a Kind is a wonderful story and both characters are flawed but so very charming.  They’ve led totally different lives but ended up in the same place, a little bit on the outside, and together they find a place to belong.  Felicia and Gideon are sweet together and I love the emotionally charged interactions that Mallery very deftly creates for them.

With Two of a Kind, like always, Mallery treats readers to humorous dialogue that pops, a strong story-line that touches the heart, and memorable characters so real you expect to run into them at the store.  Although it’s not a requirement to have read Just One Kiss I would recommend it – not only will it give you more understanding of the complex, addictive characters you’ll find inhabiting Fool’s Gold, but it’s a fantastic read all on its own.