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Prince Seth has been betrothed to Princess Rosamund from the time she was born, when she was cursed by an evil king.  Kira has been Seth’s friend and bodyguard since they were kids.  Even if their feelings for each other go deeper than friendship, Seth’s honor won’t let him act on them.  Now Seth has found out how to end Rosamund’s curse and the two set out alone to do just that.  But how can he save Rosamund with true love’s kiss if his heart belongs to another?

Loving a Prince Charming is the latest in Danielle Monsch’s “Fairy Tales & Ever Afters” series, following Loving an Ugly Beast.   Like the previous story, this one is a quick read coming in at under 80 pages.  This time we get a unique look at the tale of Sleeping Beauty, from the prince’s perspective, with interesting characters and a compelling story.  Seth takes his job as future king very seriously and he honors his commitments, even those that his heart rebels against.  The friendship that he has with Kira is very sweet.  They know each other and love each other, even though they know it can’t go anywhere.  There’s a bit of adventure as Seth and Kira go to rescue Rosamund, but the core of the store centers around their love and whether duty is stronger than the heart.

I have really enjoyed Monsch’s stories up to this point and I’m looking forward to more.  She gives a new voice to well-loved fairy tales, a happy ever after with her own special twist but without losing the magic.