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cover21396-mediumNicholas Haddonfield, Lord Reston, promised his dying father he would marry before the end of the Season.  And Lady Leah Lindsey, who needs rescuing from being wedded to an old lecher, is the perfect choice for a marriage of convenience.  Only Nick never counted on his heart getting involved.

Nicholas is a companion book to Darius, released last month.  Given the barest of details of Leah’s marriage to Nick in that book, readers are now treated to the details of what really happened.  Nick has a secret – one that prevents him from giving himself fully to his marriage, one that he refuses to share with Leah.  I love Nick, almost as much as Darius.  He’s big, strong, smart and lethally handsome.  But he really needs to work on his communication skills.  A couple of conversations with the right people, a sharing of his burden and his guilt, would have changed his life completely.  But then he wouldn’t have married the lovely Leah.  She’s had a hard life and is facing a difficult future, then a chance encounter with Nick at a ball changes everything.  She just has to be strong enough to handle him and everything that he throws at her.

I adore these two together.  There might have been a couple of times that I had to shake my head at the poor confused man, but their relationship is sweet and fun, while handling serious problems on both sides at the same time.  Nick is so conflicted but Burrowes does a fantastic job of wrapping up everything in a HEA.  Nicholas is a must for readers of historical romances, especially those about big, strong, deluded men and the women smart enough to love them long enough for them to come to their senses.

Note:  This is one of those series where I don’t think it is necessary to read all of the books (although I definitely recommend it because so far they are fantastic).  Nicholas is complete by itself and I don’t think any of the nuances would be lost on new readers.  But those who read Darius will enjoy the revelation of exactly how Nick and Leah got together and how they go forward, and will find it fun to see Darius’s story from an outsider’s perspective.   Knowing what is happening with his life, it just adds that little bit of extra flavor to have someone else’s take on his actions.  Readers are also given glimpses of future characters – Nick’s brothers and his friend Val.  Based on how enjoyable I’ve found these two books, I’m can’t wait for future installments.