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cover23875-mediumI’ll admit it, I’m biased.  I absolutely LOVE Susan Mallery’s books and I look forward to Spring because I know that it means that new Fool’s Gold books are coming out … and this year doesn’t look like it is going to disappoint.

Fifteen years ago teenager Patience McGraw fell in love with her best friend, Justice Garrett.  She finally got up enough courage to tell him how she felt, only he disappeared without a trace in the middle of the night.  Fool’s Gold and Patience were the best thing about Justice’s childhood.  In the witness protection program to escape his criminal father, he was stunned when they suddenly had to relocate after his father was seen in the area.  Now, after years in the military and a stint doing private security, Justice is back in the only place that ever felt like home to open a defense academy – and to see Patience again.  When they realize that their feelings are still strong, will they be able to trust in themselves and each other enough to commit to something more that Just One Kiss?

Once again Mallery brings readers her signature quirkiness and heart in a book full of humor, love and angst.  Although Patience is pretty well centered, Justice is struggling with the things he’s seen and done, plus his fear that he could hurt people like his father.  A fear like that goes deep and no matter how many people tell you otherwise, you are still going to have doubts.  I love the little boy hidden in the man – the one that wants so badly to connect to others, to have a normal life, and for someone to give him the comfort and love he didn’t have growing up.  No matter how big and strong and capable he is, I just want to give him a hug and a cookie.

As always, a Fool’s Gold novel is about more than the two people in the blurb.  It’s always like coming home for me when I pick up one of these books because the town is so real and the people are like old friends.  We’re given updates on everyone, but we’re introduced to new friends too, which is fun.  Mallery does a great job of giving you just enough about the people who will be in the next handful of books to tease you.  I’m actually restraining myself from picking up my ARC of the next novel as I know it is going to be so awesome.  Felicia, who will be the focus next, was definitely a highlight for me in an all-star supporting cast.  I just know she’s going to be a trip to get to know better.

New and long-term readers will love the newest in Mallery’s amazing series – with heart, humor and just that perfect tinge of heat, Just One Kiss is sure to please.