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cover26772-mediumI thought this book was fantastic.  I love the Truitt clan – they are loud and Southern proud – and I want to be an honorary member.  Susanna has been dating her marine for twelve years.  It started in high school and survived multiple tours in the Middle East.  Only now, instead of proposing, he’s come to tell her that he’s found someone else.  Her life plan in tatters, she now has to decide on a new plan.  Then she meets Nate.  Prince Nathaniel is on vacation in St Simons Island, Georgia and definitely did not count on falling in love with a woman that he, by law, cannot have a future with.  He’s duty bound to go home and marry someone from his own country.  But when Susanna comes to his country to see his coronation and he sees her in his home, everything changes.  Can a king and an ordinary American figure out a way to make a life together?

Once Upon a Prince was born out of the romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton – the idea that a regular person can fall in love and marry a royal.  It’s a modern day Cinderella story and is just as appealing as the fairy tale.  Both Susanna and Nate are wonderful.  She is the perfect complement to him, reminding him of the good in himself and the world, of giving himself up to God’s plan and doing what’s right.  Even when she doesn’t know he’s a real prince, she does a great job of supporting him.  Although it directly impacts his decisions about love, I did think there was a little too much about the politics that he has to deal with.  Honestly I skimmed over most of that, just reading enough to get the basics and how it applies to him & Susanna.  I understand that the drama was important to him and how he moved forward (and I’m guessing a future story or two since this is the first in a series) but it was a little dry.  The rest of the story is definitely worth it though.

Once Upon a Prince is a must read for anyone who had fantasies of having their very own Prince Charming sweep them off their feet.

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