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cover21875-mediumJake is the latest novel in R. C. Ryan’s “Wyoming Sky” series and is the story of the youngest Conway brother. Veterinarian Jake Conway, one of the most sought after bachelors in his area, sees no reason to settle down …. Until he meets the sexy woman next door.  Meg Stanford has returned to Wyoming after the death of her estranged father.  She expected to have to deal with the details concerning the disposal of his ranch.  What she did not expect to find was a ten year old half-brother.  When a couple of late night break-ins send her to stay with her neighbors, Meg and Jake find their attraction hard to fight.  But as the danger heightens, will they be able to keep everyone safe?

I haven’t read any of the previous stories in the series, but I really enjoyed this one.  It has enough suspense to keep things interesting and the mystery is very sound.  For those who like a light intrigue with their romance, this is a perfect choice.  Based on the clues about the previous stories, this seems to be par for the course with this series.

I do feel that some of the dialogue is a little awkward but it only happens a couple of times and is easily overlooked.  The characters are full of rich, country charm and heart.  They make up a wonderful, strong family that looks out for each other and those around them.  They are exactly what you would expect from a ranching group that has to rely on themselves and others in times of hardship.  They are a lovely family and one that I’d be happy to be a part of.

My only other issue was with the ending.  I kinda saw how it was being set up but I don’t know that I felt that it was fleshed out completely.  It seemed like the choice Meg made to see if DC was the right choice was logical so the resulting fall-out was a little unexpected.  I think her thought process was right on and she made the best decisions with the options given to her.  I’m not sure why it caused such a fight with Jake, especially given some of their earlier conversations, but maybe it was his cowboy pride coming to play.  But the rest of the story was well-handled, the pacing was just right, and the development of their relationship very smooth.

Those who enjoy Linda Lael Miller’s country romances, with a little mystery thrown in, will enjoy Jake and might even want to check out Quinn and Josh – my guess is they are more of the same and I liked the characters as they were portrayed in this story.