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When an ex tells Jeb Whitcomb he’s nothing more than an irresponsible playboy, he sets out to prove her wrong. She promises him one year to show her that he can be a better man. After a year of celibacy helping put to rights an island devastated by a hurricane, Jeb is stunned to find out that his ex is getting married to someone els and he has four days to get to Florida to stop the wedding. Nurse Haley French is also helping on the island. She doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with Jeb but she decides to relax and enjoy herself at his going away party. Both are surprised when she’s accidentally a stowaway on his trip to Florida. With nowhere to go to get away from each other, will they be able to ignore the attraction that has been simmering between them?

I’m not sure why it took me so long to read this book. I really like Lori Wilde’s stuff and this one was no different. Jeb is fantastically fun. He’s a little lost and a whole lot conflicted, but he’s earthy and honest and sexy. He is trying so hard to be a better person, although as far as I can tell there really wasn’t that much wrong with the old one. Yeah, he was a little self-centered, well who isn’t. But now he’s looking outward and seeing where he can help. Granted he’s doing it for a selfish reason, to win back a girl, but that doesn’t mean the changes aren’t for the good and won’t last. He’s a great fit for Haley. He needs someone to remind him to be more giving occasionally and she definitely needs someone to remind her to loosen up. She’s a workaholic who tends to be a little stuffy and prudish. She’s forgotten what it is like to be young and have fun, which means that Jeb is the perfect person to remind her. The conflict brewing while they fight their attraction is well thought out and works with what we learn about the two. The time they spend on the boat is the perfect opportunity to learn more about each other and most importantly about themselves.

Smooth Sailing is the perfect summer read – full of sun and sea and oh-so-sexy characters – it’ll complement your fruity drink wonderfully. So pull up your chaise lounge, put on your sunglasses, and lose yourself in this entertaining beach read.