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EL 500pxCaitlyn Moore has no idea why MMA fighter Dante Jones would be interested in her.  Yes, she’s lost a lot of weight but she’s still heavy and a guy like him could get any girl he wants.  Dante is intrigued by the voluptuous redhead who seems to be fighting her attraction to him.  But with the biggest fight of his career in just two months, can he afford the distraction?

Wow!  Extreme Love is a scorcher. Dante is all alpha and he’s not afraid to put every tool he possesses to use in trying to win Caitlyn’s attention. So let’s stop right here – do you like masterful, take charge, chest thumping (but oh-so-seductive and sexy) romance heroes?  No?  Then this book is SO not for you.  Dante goes after what he wants with everything he has – both in the cage and in the bedroom.  He’s built, determined and willing to fight.  When he lets that primal part of himself free, it is decidedly HOT.

Dante is instantly drawn to Caitlyn’s innate goodness and innocence, which is tinged with a little bit of sass.  She’s hard-working and sincere in everything she does but she is understandably cautious.  She’s been obese for much of her life and, although she’s lost 80 pounds, she still isn’t in the same league as the skinny groupies that are usually found hanging around fighters.  Being overweight and self-conscious, Caitlyn does not have much of a dating history.  So given her inexperience with men, even average men, she is no match for someone like Dante.  With her history and her insecurities, it is very understandable why she would be out of her comfort zone and resisting his advances.  But Dante is definitely not going to give up.

Not everyone is going to like that, which is fine.  But if this is your scene, you are going to devour Extreme Love.  And with other hottie fighters for Niles to choose from, I am so hoping to see more stories soon.