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cover28967-mediumA huge man covered in scars, Benton is called a Beast.  He’s been a soldier and a mercenary, but since she came to town he’s been Nissa’s friend and protector.  When he’s given the chance, Benton allows a fairy godmother to transform him into a handsome man in order to woo Nissa.  Nissa isn’t much of a Beauty.  She came to the village to start a new life and found a friend in Benton.  He’s always been there for her but, even though she wants more, she’s not willing to risk his friendship.  Then Benton disappears and a gorgeous stranger appears who seems interested in her.  But scars can hide on the inside too and there are secrets that may keep them apart. 

Loving an Ugly Beast is a fun little fairy tale, coming in at under 100 pages.  Both Benton and Nissa have their issues.  Benton thinks that people only see that battle-scarred man he is on the outside.  Never noticing that women are attracted to his well-toned body and his strong, sure heart.  His devotion to Nissa is touching, in an old fashion kind of way (but since this is a historical it works).  Nissa has her own problems with beautiful people, so she immediately has some distrust for the good-looking stranger who takes an interest in her.  It takes most of the book to get to the bottom of her problems, since they are hidden on the inside instead of the outside. 

Full of sizzling heat and raw emotions, Loving an Ugly Beast is an alluring take on the Beauty & the Beast mythology.