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What She Wants is a fun and unusual take on romances.  This time, we follow three men on their road to romantic happiness.  Jonathan Templer’s fifteen year high school reunion is fast approaching and it’s the perfect opportunity to tell Lissa Castle how he feels.  Jonathan has loved her forever but she’s never seen him as more than a friend.  Kyle Long has a crush on the gorgeous receptionist at work but she’s always overlooking him for other guys.  He’s convinced she just needs to see beyond his short stature to see the great guy he is underneath.  Adam Edwards might be successful in the traditional ways but when he comes home from a business trip to find himself locked out of his house, he’ll need to dig deeper to win back his wife.  Realizing that romance novels are written by women and contain what they are looking for in a man, the poker buddies start reading to figure out what women want.

Roberts brings readers a cute look at the world of romances.  It’s not too unusual to have books told from both points of view, but it is a nice surprise to have this one told exclusively from the men’s side.  And even better, they aren’t the quintessential hunks that usually populates these books.  Jonathan is a nerdy computer geek who wears glasses and graphic tees.  Kyle is short and also a little geeky.  Adam might be the more traditionally good-looking of the group, however he is definitely lacking as a husband.  All three need help to see where they need to improve and learn the things that are important to women.  They have different issues but at the core they are men looking for a mate, someone to make them complete, and it makes for an intriguing read.

What She Wants is a captivating and entertaining look at the men’s perspective on finding love.  They learn a lot about what’s important about themselves, about the women they love and how to be a good partner.