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Phoebe O’Dunn secretly attends a masquerade ball dressed up in an amazing Edwardian gown.  When she’s swept off her feet by a swashbuckler, but left on the dance floor, she believes that her Cinderella evening is over.  Billionaire Noah Kincaid is at loose ends now that he’s sold his business so he accepts his best friend’s invitation to attend a week of hiking, followed by a charity event.  With his wealth, he’s found that most women want something from him, but he can’t resist the pull of the woman he sees across the room.  After a couple of amazing dances, he’s forced to leave her, still not knowing who she is.  What neither realizes is that they share friends and will see each other again very soon.  Without the masks they don’t recognize each other at first, but when a mystery brings them together will they dare to reveal themselves and take a chance on each other.

I really enjoyed the storyline of That Night on Thistle Lane and the mystery is very intriguing.  Neggers delivers it with fantastic timing, unwinding the details with care.  Everything ties together nicely and gives readers a feel-good ending.

Noah is a enthralling hero.  He’s not your typical romance lead – he’s a little too smart and, though he can be charming, he does have the typical cerebral type’s problem when it comes to dealing with people.  His high intelligence, though, does lead him to make some very fast and accurate reads on situations.  Unfortunately, he’s not always the best at understanding the shiftier side of people or the nuances to some relationships.  But he does understand Phoebe.  And she understands him.

I have to say that Phoebe was my only weak point, and even then it was a small one.  I really didn’t understand her motivation for some of her actions but she is still a delightful match for Noah.  This is actually the second story in a series, so maybe if I’d read the first story I’d have a better understanding of her.

There is definitely some tie in to the previous story, although it didn’t affect my reading this one.  Neggers does a great job of filling in the details so that new readers can keep up.  But if you have read Secrets of the Lost Summer then you’ll be delighted with updates of Olivia and Dylan.  It’s always a treat to be given more about a couple’s story once their romance is done.  You’ll also be given a side story about Phoebe’s sister Maggie and her estranged husband.  It’s a tender look at two people that have lost their way and aren’t sure they can find the path again.

That Night on Thistle Lane is a fun read, an imaginative mystery and a sweet romance.