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Home for Good is a sweet story about forgiveness and God’s love.  Eight years ago Ali Silver’s husband broke her heart when he walked away.  She hasn’t heard a word from him in the years since, but suddenly he comes home wanting a chance to uphold his wedding vows.  Can she trust that he’s home to stay?  Jericho has done a lot of growing up in the years that he’s been gone.  A war veteran, he’s realized a lot about life and faith.  Can he show Ali that he can be the man she needs him to be?

Ali has a lot to be wary of because when Jericho left it devastated her world.  She’s worked hard but it is still a struggle.  Though it looked like he had an ideal life from the outside, Jericho’s childhood was anything but good.  Afraid that he was turning into an abusive drunk like his father, he left instead of taking the chance he could hurt Ali.  Thanks to the intervention of a couple of good hearted people and a strong relationship with God, he turned his life around.

The main characters are compelling and it is loaded with interesting secondary characters that hopefully will lead to more stories.  There is an intriguing mystery about someone causing trouble at Ali’s farm that will keep those who like a little suspense in their stories hooked.  And the religious element is handled with a light hand so that those who aren’t religious will still enjoy the story.  It’s an honest depiction of people who believe and live their lives accordingly.

Home for Good is a tender look at a woman overcoming her fears to learn to trust again and realizing that it is never too late to rediscover her faith.