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Faced with going to her family-oriented company retreat solo, Dani makes a bold decision and asks her best friend Wes to go as her pretend fiance.  She’s up for a promotion and she wants to make a good impression but it seems that only couples get time with the boss at these events.  Wes agrees but only if she will do the same at his sister’s wedding.  He wants to show his family and his ex, who will be a bridesmaid in the wedding, that he’s really over her.  Best friends since they met in college, there hasn’t ever been anything romantic between Dani and Wes … but pretending to be engaged brings out feelings neither of them anticipated.  Will their pretense turn real or will this ruin their friendship forever?

Dani and Wes mean everything to each other.  They turn to the other first in good times and bad.  They share a sense of humor and understand each other.  They have private jokes and can complete each other’s sentences.  It isn’t a surprise that everyone thinks there is more to their relationship than friendship.  Especially their significant others – their friendship is a major trouble point in their romantic relationships and has led to more than one breakup – but they have never been more than friends.  They tried it once in college and it didn’t work.  It even ruined their friendship for a while and they don’t want to chance that again.  But the more time they spend together the harder it is to not want more.  Both characters are fun and it is easy to imagine what a fantastic friendship they have, and why they might not want to risk it.  It’s a believable and understandable problem, one that many of us have probably faced.

In Falling for Her Fiance, Madsen does a fantastic job of bringing readers appealing characters with a realistic issue.  She gives us two people with the challenge of risking a relationship that is extremely important to them on the chance that it could be so much more.