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Santa Viking is a two story anthology from Sandra Hill.  The first, a historical called Bolthor’s Bride, finds Bolther spending the holidays with his fellow Viking warriors and powerless against their wives’s matchmaking.  Among the mass of women who have descended looking for a husband is Katherine, a widow four-times-over who needs a husband to take care of her and her sons.  She’s immediately attracted to Bolthor, despite his missing eye and battle-scarred body.  He’s also attracted to Katherine but is adamant that he’s not looking for a wife.  Will Saxon or Viking win this war?  In A Viking For Christmas, Jessie Jones robs the Piggly Jiggly while dressed as Santa, but all she wants is the money she believes is due as a refund for a broken toy.  Bodyguard Erik Thorsson is in the store killing time while he waits for his clothes to finish at the laundromat.  Unfortunately, when things go a little squirrelly for Jessie, he finds himself held hostage.  Although Erik quickly finds himself falling in love, can he convince Jessie that it’s for real?

Knowing that Hill writes romantic humor stories will help readers who are not familiar with her work.  Her writing style is definitely tongue-in-cheek, especially the historical.  Both are amusing and fun, with entertaining characters and interesting stories.

Bolthor’s Bride is written with colorful descriptions and word choices, very reminiscent of old school bodice rippers.  Both Bolthor and Katherine are intriguing and their interactions are amusing.  Watching Bolthor fight the inevitable with keep you smiling.  There are also some additional glimpses of characters from some of Hill’s previous Viking stories for returning readers.  A Viking For Christmas isn’t quite as intentionally cheesy but it does have quirky characters and funny-bone-tickling moments.  The scrapes that Jessie manages to get into are laugh-out-loud and watching Erik woo her is delicious.

If you are looking for a bit of love and laughter, Santa Viking is a humorous diversion with a Norse twist.