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In Asking for Trouble, Sidney Wiesman goes on a dating game show where she chooses from three possible candidates. Of her choices, Tom is the only remotely interesting guy, actually he’s almost perfect, and the sparks fly when they first meet for their date. But everything quickly becomes a nightmare after that – if it could go wrong, it did go wrong. Now the two are back on the show to tell the world about their date. Is the special something between the two of them enough to overcome the obstacles they face?

Like McComas’s previous books, By The Book and Ms. Miller and the Midas Man, Asking for Trouble crams a lot of heart and emotion into just a handful of pages. Sidney is sweet and real. Her issues are complicated and unusual, adding a quirky charm to the book. Tom is generous, funny and caring, more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at him. And he’ll need all the patience and understanding that he can get to overcome the hilariously disastrous beginning to his relationship with Sidney. They admit that things aren’t easy but the best things never are.

As always, McComas is a master at packing the most heart possible into a little package. Asking for Trouble is a delightful mix of heart-ache and comedy. Making readers laugh and cringe along with Sidney and Tom … and crossing their fingers for a happy ever after.