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Ruthie Knox kicks off her new Camelot series with a smoking hot and oh-so-tempting novella. Amber Clark has a crush on one of the construction guys doing work at the Community Center where she is the Program Director. She sees him off and on throughout the week, looking buff, sexy and in charge. And since she closes the center, on the days he works she waits to walks him out, only getting a good night in return. Until the day they are forced to take shelter in the basement due to a tornado warning. Does she dare to do something about her attraction? Tony Mazzara knows that Amber isn’t the woman for him. She might as well wear a sign saying she’s innocent and good. He’s very aware of the feelings she has for him, and they are mutual, but he won’t do anything about them. But once they are forced to spend time together, will he be able to resist?

Knox’s Camelot series tells the stories of three siblings – Amber, Caleb and Katie – and although How to Misbehave is the first to be published, it was the last to be written. Along Came Trouble, which is Caleb’s story and due out in March, was actually first but as both Tony and Amber are in the story, it was important to tell their tale first. And I’m so very happy she did. They are both fun, funny and sweet. The pages practically catch fire with their passion but it is their more tender moments that make them irresistible.

Amber is tired of being seen as only the good girl and she’s hoping Tony will help her misbehave. Having her let loose with Tony is both steamy and delightful. Tony had a horrible thing happen in his past and it has left some scars. He doesn’t trust himself and he finds it hard to give in to his feelings for Amber. Tony’s troubled brother, Patrick, also makes an appearance and I really hope we get some more stories about the Mazzara brothers and sisters.

How to Misbehave is the perfect choice for a cold winter night … it’s sexy enough to toast your toes but romantic enough to warm your heart.