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Kate Riley is heading inside a local Italian restaurant to apply for a summer job waitressing when she’s stopped by an extremely good-looking, and stressed, man asking for a ride. Her small-town roots kick in and she agrees, only to find out the man is Hollywood bad boy, Teague “T-Rex” Reynolds. He’s in Willowdale, North Carolina, for reasons he doesn’t want known and has press hot on his tail. In desperation he asks Kate to pretend to be his girlfriend so the truth doesn’t come out … but what will they do when the pretense starts to seem very real?

Like Stand-In Star by Rachael Johns, No Foolin’ is an entertaining look at what happens when a Hollywood hot shot and an every-day woman get together. Teague, like Johns’s hero Nate, has commitment issues. He was given up for adoption as a toddler and feels unlovable. Time spent with Kate shows him what he could have, as long as he is strong enough to reach for it. Kate also has relationship issues, stemming from watching her step-father cheat on her mother and having an old boyfriend get another woman pregnant while they were on a break. She can’t stand lies but her relationship with Teague is based on them, plus his paparazzi-filled, image-is-everything life just generates more. Both Teague and Kate are engaging and easy to relate to, with heart-warming depth. They have the typical romance problem of misunderstandings and communication mix-ups, but Scott’s compelling prose delivers it with emotion and style.

No Foolin’ is an amusing mix of small-town charm and big star flash – a rich delicacy of humor, heart and sexy fun.